Sunday, March 31, 2013

Book Review: Coombe's Wood by Lisa C Hinsley

Book Title:  Coombe's Wood
Author:  Lisa C Hinsley
Genre:  Horror/Mystery

This book begins with a date, so you can watch the dates go by, and see the time span that all of the action is taking place.  I'm not one to watch those sorts of things, but there was ONE instance when I had to re-trace my steps and start at the beginning of the chapter, to note... the date.  I then realized, these are important.

The summary of the story, is a widowed/remarried/divorcee mom, Lizzy,  after having left her abusive husband, and lived in a shelter for some time, a one room place where she needed to share the room with her 14 year old son named Connor.  They were finally awarded housing, but the social worker, in passing tells them to stay away from the woods surrounding the apartment.  She does not elaborate at all.

The story moves a long quickly, taking legends and folklore and what sounds like ghost-stories being told around a campfire, but the setting is more civilized at the local pub.  The unit that she is put in, is surrounded by woods, and her next door neighbor is an interesting man names "Feathers".  Feathers is the one who instigating the telling of the stories at the pub.

Feathers also teaches Connor basic survival skills if she ever gets lost in the woods.  Connor and another young man, adore spending time with Feathers and he becomes a father figure.

I really like the way and the plausibility in which the story unfolded.  A small town can welcome you with open arms, or can shun you immediately.  This time they open their arms, but there's an alternative motive.  Their arriving at this place at this time, with that apartment, in that building was well executed and planned.

As the months continue to pass, the characters become closer and you finally hear the story of how Izzy ended up in the shelter.  Everyone in the town, will protect her and Connor.

No matter how many times she tells her mother not to tell anyone where she's at, her mother tells someone, who tells the abusive ex-husband.  And from here... I will stop.  This just shows the length to which the author went into planning, down to the fine minute details, the book regarding the woods, the apartments, and the homeopathy that Feathers prides himself on.  

This fast paced, story has some elements of a movie made many years ago about a fatal attraction.  It also speaks to how the justice system is broken regarding those who are the victims of domestic violence and how hard it is to get them to do anything to the person who is committing the violence.  

This story touched my heart, gave me hope, and led me to believe in "miracles".  No matter how they small they may bed.

4.5 out of 5 Bookmark


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