Monday, March 4, 2013

Book Review: The Hidden Ones: Legacy of the Watchers, Book 1 by Nancy Madore

Book Title:  The Hidden Ones
Author:  Nancy Madore
Genre:  Ancient History/Sci-Fi


I started this book while my husband was in training and I was coming down with a raging case of the flu.  After the first few chapters, it was time for the very long drive home from Oklahoma to Kentucky.  So to pass the time, I started to read the book aloud to my husband.  (I will give you a heads up though...  DON'T read out loud over an entire twelve hour road trip with the flu.  Your throat will HATE you for it.  But it was WORTH IT!)

I gave my hubby a quick synopsis of what had transpired so far as I had read, and then went from there.  My husband loves audio books, and likes when I read books to him.  So we share what we read, as it helps him get through long trips he has to make for his job.  The drive home went so fast because we  were both so into this book.  We got to the cliffhanger end just as we pulled off the freeway for our home.  So I stopped and we unpacked and ate dinner.  He was so excited, as was I, to see what happened next!  So, he helped in giving this review.

By the way, this was another freebie.  I can't even remember when I got it or the description of it, but I'm so very glad I read it!

We have different viewpoints and time periods throughout the book.  This helps to keep you riveted.  The book starts with the discovery of hidden texts of Biblical worth in the caves of Qumran, when and where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.  We are being told the story, through a sixteen year old girl named Helene, whose father is with a group of friends on the quest to find a Book of the Dead.  The story is also told through Helene's granddaughter, Nadia.

We learn of loves lost, deaths and historical events that many in today's society don't see as actual "history" anymore, yet claim they've read it every Sunday, at least.

Biblical History, myth, theological debates, terrorism - this book has a little of everything.  But at it's core - we are trying to  save the world, literally - but we don't know from what!  So, we must hear ALL of Helene's story, as it was told to her daughter Gisele and passed down to her daughter, Nadia.

My husband would surprise me every now and then by really being into the story and ask a question like, "WAIT!  What happened to..." which in turn made me more excited to read it to him.

I do hope there are more of these stories as the author left it open for more.  My husband does too.  Mostly because I want to know what happened to Lillith - yes...  THAT Lillith!

Definite read my friends  (don't get too offended by the random black guy used as comic relief.  He's stereotypical, but at least he's funny!)!

5 out of 5 Bookmarks!    


  1. Hey Melissa, thank you for that wonderful review. You and David remind me of me and my significant other. He loves when I read to him on long trips too! I hope you'll be over the flu real soon!

    1. Thanks Nancy! David and I both agree that this would make a GREAT movie! We would love to see this on the big screen!

    2. Hey Melissa,

      I just wanted to let you know that book 2 is out! It's called POWER OF GODS. I would love to send you a copy but I lost your email address in a computer upgrade. If you're interested let me know.

  2. I would love a copy of book 2 if your giving them away to reviewers. I can review on Amazon. I loved book 1. I'm at carolsuter76(at)gmail(dot)com.